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Hi, my name is Luciano Vernaschi and this site is my point of presence in the virtual world. It is also the home for MeshCMS and other software I wrote years ago.

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Flowers Ishido

New! Scroll down an play Ishido online in this page. It is an experimental HTML5 version that requires a modern browser to work properly. I will release it under an open source license soon. Please note that scores are not shared: they are saved locally by your browser.

A mobile version is available too.

Flowers Ishido is a little game I wrote many years ago for Windows 3.1; fortunately it continues to run on more recent versions of Windows (excluding 64 bit versions — see comments for details), so I'm happy to make it available for download.

Download Download Flowers Ishido

This game is distributed as freeware and is a porting of a game available for Unix platforms.

These are the rules of the game, as included with the X version.

There are 72 tiles, two of each combination of six colors and six shapes. At the start of the game, there are six tiles on…

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