This is a showcase of some products I made during my career. I chose those works of which I was the main developer, although obviously there are many others whom I only did part of.


Gas dynamics simulation developed in PostGIS. Mileage is estimated and distributed through the network using statistical analysis based on real data. Gas flow is calculated using a modified version of EPANET. Results are displayed in QGIS.


Web viewer developed in Java and GWT. The whole map navigation is custom code. Advanced printing is supported. Fleet vehicles and cathodic protection measurements are shown on the map in real time.


Extensions for ESRI ArcMap 10 to support specific needs of GIS operators in the company. Notable examples: estimating the effect of adding new pipes to the network; modifying newly inserted items automatically to reduce manual data entry.


Creation of PDF reports for AIG and Zurich investment funds.


Creation of a JavaScript tool (before the jQuery era) to allow online editing and printing of bank contracts, using PDF files as base. A lot of validation rules were implemented and all elements were printed in the same position as they were on screen.


Generation of maps from DEM data with color scale editing.


Spare parts management using JavaScript. The goal was to move printed spare part sheets to the website, connecting them with hyperlinks using a graphical editor.


Online presentation tool: when the speaker changed slide on his pc, all attenders' screens were updated. A chat was available too. Presentations were imported from PowerPoint.

Open Source

MeshCMS, my open source Java CMS. Battle-tested by many users worldwide, was appreciated for its ease of use, documentation and stability.


Isaac, a shareware visual animation editor for the web. It was a small Flash clone, using a Java applet as player. That applet is probably one of the most carefully optimized piece of code I've ever written.

Printed Graphics

An example of printed graphic artwork. I did a lot of them in the past.

Web Graphics

An example of website created by myself completely, from graphics to CMS.


Speech recognition using neural networks.